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What is KIOT Red and what does it do?

KIOT Red is a portable smart remote . It can function as a universal remote for various devices like TV, AC, Set-top box, Media Streamer, Projector etc., Simply connect the KIOT Red to any USB adapter, enable your local Wi-Fi network and you’re ready control your appliances.

What does your KIOT Red Smart Remote Box Contain?

The KIOT Red Smart Remote Box contains the KIOT Red device and its warranty card.

Do you need anything else to use KIOT Red Smart Remote?

Yes, you need a USB Type B adapter to plug in your KIOT Red. Also, please install the KIOT app from Google Play Store or the Appstore to start controlling your appliances with the device.

What Mobile App must I install to use KIOT Red Smart Remote and Where do I find it?

Please install the the KIOT app from Google Play Store or the Appstore  to control your appliances with the KIOT Red Smart Remote

How do you power on KIOT RED Smart Remote?

You can simply turn it on by plugging it into a USB adapter.

How do you configure KIOT Red for the first time?

If you have already added the device in the home,
     Go to Settings > Devices > (Select Device) > Configure Device
     Follow the steps given in the video in that screen to configure your device.
How do you add an IR appliance and its remote to your room in the KIOT App?
Please follow the below YouTube tutorial :

What Categories of Appliances does KIOT RED support?

KIOT RED can supports a variety of electronic appliances like TV, Set-top box , AC, Projector, Media Streamer, AV Receiver and Disc Player. And many more coming soon.

What Brands of Appliances does KIOT RED Support?

KIOT RED can support over 6000+ brands of all IR based electronic devices.

What if I cannot find my remote in KIOT RED app, can we request for support?

Yes. Please mail us at –

How much distance does my KIOT RED Smart Remote needs to be from my Appliances, What’s the Coverage Distance?

The KIOT RED smart remote can support devices within 20m of its radius in the same room.

Can I Reuse KIOT RED Smart Remote in Multiple Rooms?

Yes you can. You can unplug the KIOT RED and plug in another room and it will still work fine.

Can I Use Multiple KIOT RED Smart Remotes in a Single Large Room?

Yes. The KIOT RED can control appliances within 20m of its radius. If your room has larger dimensions, you can add multiple KIOT REDs to control the devices in the room.

Why do I need smart remotes when mobile apps can already control my devices?

Only mobile phones equipped with IR blasters can control electronic appliances with the help of apps alone. They do not have 360 degree support for remote control, whereas with KIOT RED you can point anywhere in the room to operate your device. Also with our product, you don’t need to be physically present in the same room as your appliance, as your KIOT App can function from any part of the world. 

Does my Smart Phone need to have an IR Blaster to use KIOT RED Smart Remote?

No. It does not.

Will there be updates to KIOT RED Smart Remote in the future?

Yes. All updates will be performed automatically and over the air (OTA). No user intervention is required.

Does KIOT RED Smart Remote needs to be in Line of Sight to Work?

No it doesn’t. KIOT RED can send signals from any direction in the room in which it is installed provided there is no physical obstruction blocking the device.


What’s the average Response time between Request and action w.r.t the KIOT RED Smart Remote?

The average response time is about 100ms, which is less than a blink of an eye. 

Is KIOT RED Smart Remote Capable of Learning Infra-Red Commands from my Existing Remote?

No, at the moment the KIOT RED does not support signals received from the device remote.

What Standards does KIOT RED Smart Remote Support?

It connects to 2.4 GHz, Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n, and uses 4 IR LEDs ,functioning at 940nm and 20-60kHz.

Who should I contact if I am interested in Distribution or Partnership?

Please contact us at

Who should I contact if I am a Journalist?

Please contact us at

If I have other questions who should I contact?

Please contact us at

What Kind of Data does KIOT RED Smart Remote Collect from Me?

KIOT collects basic details such as favorite channels, most used appliances ,brands etc.. This is to make sure that the user has the most customized and hazzle-free experience using the device.

Can Multiple User Simultaneously Control a Single KIOT RED Smart Remote?

Yes, all users connected to the same home on the KIOT app can control appliances within the home using the KIOT RED app.

How many users does the KIOT RED Smart Remote App Support?

The app can support any number of users.

Can I share KIOT RED Smart Remote User access to a friend who is visiting me?

You can share and revoke access to other individuals to your home IOT network on the KIOT app.

What are the top features of KIOT RED Smart Remote Device?

The KIOT RED is small and portable, can be used to control a wide range of everyday home electronic appliances as a remote. It has 360 degree coverage in your room that enables it to send signals from any direction . It can fit into any USB adapter on your Wifi network and easily control all your devices in the room. You can use the app to access comprehensive TV guides, set reminders, etc.

What are the top features of KIOT RED Mobile App?

 With KIOT RED app you can control various home appliances with just your mobile phone, monitor your daily and hourly power usage, schedule your appliances to function even when you are not physically present at home. KIOT App also has Google Assistant/Alexa integrated into it, so you can easily control your appliances with voice control.

Can I Suggest a New Feature?

Yes you can! You can mail us at or go on the KIOT app at : Settings > Support > Feedback , to provide feedback.

How to configure Google Home and Amazon Alexa Voice Skills in my Mobile App?

For detailed instructions, please refer the below links:

How do I make a Custom Layout from Multiple Remotes in KIOT RED app?

In the KIOT app, go to: Remotes > Custom Remote > Select a Remote > [ select required buttons for your custom remote] > Save (top-right-corner).

How and when do I reset KIOT RED Smart Remote Device?

On the KIOT RED, tap twice on the reset button with a sharp pin (It is located beside the sticker on the device), you can now reset the remote.

Do I need Internet to use KIOT RED Smart Remote Device?

Yes, to avail all features on your KIOT RED device, it is recommended to have internet connectivity on your home network. But it is not mandatory for using basic features like turn on/off , changing temperatures, speaker volumes etc., if the mobile phone and KIOT Red are connected to same Wi-Fi.

How many places/locations/networks can I configure KIOT RED Smart Remote simultaneously?

KIOT RED can save upto 4 Wifi networks. It connects to the strongest network available at the time.

Does my KIOT RED Smart Remote automatically connect to the preconfigured  places/locations/networks when I Plug Out from one network/location and Plug in my KIOT RED Smart Device in another location/network?

KIOT Red can save multiple networks (4 at max) at once. It connects to the strongest network locally available.

Can KIOT identify any individual KIOT RED Smart Remote Device given to a customer? Does the Device have any identification number?

Yes, every KIOT RED has a device identification number. It is can be viewed on the product sticker easily.

Does my KIOT RED Smart Remote need Static IP / Dynamic IP?

Yes, IP is assigned automatically based on the network to which the product is connected. The user needn’t manually configure the IP.

How does KIOT RED Smart Remote work?

A secure server relays all user actions performed on the KIOT App to the KIOT RED device. It does the necessary action once it receives this signal,..say switching on the AC or changing the TV volume. 

Will KIOT Install KIOT RED Smart Remote Devices?

No. It can be easily done by the users themselves. Simply plug in the device to any USB adapter, in a home with Wi-Fi network and use the KIOT app to control the appliances with it.

What knowledge do I need to Install and use KIOT RED Smart Remote?

Please follow the below link for instructions:

Do I have to pay for the App?

No, you can simply install the KIOT App from Play Store or Appstore for free.

What is your Return Policy?

Please refer to the below link :

Where can I buy Kiot RED Smart Remote Device?

You can buy the KIOT RED Smart Remote on our website at :
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