IoT provides a positive perspective to Industries

What is IoT? Although there is no specified definition for IoT, the network or platform where every device, appliance and other products embedded with technology are connected over a shared software, sensors, and more can be defined as the Internet of Things. This article will give you an overview of how IoT has been providing […]

Why should Hotels take faster steps towards becoming smart Hotels?

With COVID virus strain taking over the world and customers demanding top-notch safety measurements, ‘Technology’ will play a massive role in the hospitality industry. As a hotelier’s sole purpose is to provide a unique and satisfying experience to the customer, the Hotel industry is investing in smart tech software and hardware to fulfil the service […]

Why should one invest in the B2B Home Automation industry?

Fun Fact: Home automation is a rapidly growing market, and in the future, we will be looking at a market where homes, commercial buildings and other industries are IoT driven. As there is a significant rise in the demand for smart devices, we are looking at the booming home automation business. The latest technology revolution […]

Get over the Chinese Mania. It’s time for “Make in India”!

It took us a Pandemic to realize the value of ‘Made in India’ products! Yes, you read it right! During the First wave of the Pandemic, companies realized how troublesome importing goods and services is when the whole nation was on lockdown. Depending on import, especially on the goods from China (the country origin of […]

LED Lights

Smart LEDs – Future of Lighting Light is a commonly consumed product by the entire human population. It is an essential product that a human cannot live without, and that is a fact! If we talk about the evolution of light, we have come very far from lighting an oil lamp to using fluorescent bulbs […]

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