Nexa 1+1 Controller

Your fans and lights just got smart! 

Smart. Compact. Versatile

KIOT’s NEXA 1+1 switch lets you control your fans and lights using your smart phone. Tap them on or off. Regulate the fan speed. Do all this with voice! 

1+1 Switch controller

  • Controls 1 normal load and 1 fan load
  • 600W capacity per load 


Easy installation within 15 minutes
Affordable for all
Compatible with all home appliances

Operate your appliances with a single tap

No more having to manually turn on and off switches. With NEXA smart switches you can do that with just a tap on your smart phone. 

Automate your spaces. Step into the future.

With features like schedules, timers and routines, you can automate your daily chores effortlessly. Set your evening lights to turn on, on their own. Let your night lamp turn off by itself even if you forget to turn it off. 

Install like a Pro

Whether you’re a layman or a pro, be it your first time or nth time, install the NEXA switch in a breeze. No messy walls or extra costs. Finish it up in just 15 minutes.

Fit them anywhere. With close to zero hassles.

NEXA switches are retrofit modules. Whether your building is brand new, or old, or still in construction, you can always rely on our smart devices to fit in snugly into your switchboard. 

Use Cases

Forgot to turn off the light?! No need to worry.

In this busy era, it’s not possible to blame for accidentally leaving the heater on. Or the AC. Now you don’t have to spend the whole day worrying about it. Just switch them off from our app! 

Dim your fan from anywhere!

No more sleep-walking at night, all the way to the regulator to change fan speed. Lay comfortably in your bed and change the speed from the app. 

A home always ready for a surprise party

Set your lights to do a surprise routine for your guests. Be it a party scene, birthday scene or a movie scene, create a unique lighting atmosphere in your room with a single tap action in the scenes tab. 

Control appliances with just your voice

NEXA Switches comes ready with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa support. So the next time you want to turn off a switch, you only need ask Alexa or Google to do it for you. Simple! 

Have control from anywhere in the world

With KIOT Smartphone app, you can monitor all your smart switches at anytime from anywhere you want. No more worries about the lights and bulbs you forgot to turn off. Keep everything under your control. 

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